A space dedicated to the
re-introduction of natural medicines into the communities of the planet.


We are based in South Africa 


Our products are divided into three main categories – Nature’s Pharmatropia’s own brand medicines; Sacred medicines and Potentised Homeopathic Drops. Feel free to browse through these products to find out more about them and their healing properties.


Nature's Pharmatropia

Nature’s Pharmatropia’s own brand medicines are our flagship products, made with all-natural ingredients sourced sustainably locally in South Africa as well as from South America. 


Ancient Remedies

We offer unique and sacred medicines: Rapé, a medicinal shamanic snuff, Sananga shamanic eye drops, Ceremonial Cacao, and specially developed shamanic energy medicines.


Amplified Homeopathic Drops

Our potentised Homeopathic drops are created by a master homeopath and then amplified to give immediate and noticeable results.


Nature’s Healing

Herbal medicine or phytomedicine is as old as mankind itself. Dating back to the dawn of humanity, we have been using the plants around us as remedies for what ails us, from treating the symptoms of the common cold and healing every day ills to lifting our moods and improving our state of mind. 

As our knowledge about the healing properties of plants grew, it was passed on from generation to generation, creating a complex and deep understanding of the way nature heals us. This has evolved into the modern phytopharmaceutical industry which has consolidated the practices and traditions of people across the world, creating a range of treatments and medicines derived exclusively from plants or parts of plants.

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