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The Rapé Shawãdawa Spiritual combination isn’t your average concoction. It’s highly regarded in spiritual circles, and it’s infused with rare herbs historically connected with Ayahuasca ceremonies. Its high-vibrational scent entices the senses with subtle flower overtones. Users are instantaneously graced with heightened clarity, with a special concentration on the frontal lobes, after consuming. This acute clarity may shake one’s customary perceptions for a moment, but it rapidly grounds and refines the individual’s perspective.

This blend’s finely milled texture assures smooth absorption and minimum phlegm, even at moderate doses. It was created by tribal shamans during the full moon’s brightness and includes notable elements such as Tsunu ashes and the Shawadawa tribe’s revered medicine, Kapayuba. Kapayuba is sought after for its ability to treat headaches, sleeplessness, and mental fatigue. Amazonian cultures cherish it for its physical vitality, particularly during occupations such as farming and fishing, as well as its deep spiritual resonance.

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3g, 5g, 10g

Rapé Kapayuba Shawãdawa Kapayuba


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