This is a very special and rare blend from the Kuntanawa tribe from Brazil.  This Rapè is made from fermented Mapacho tobacco and is coated in molasses, then buried and fermented for 12 moon cycles. 

The Mulateiro comes from a special tree in the Amazon called Calycophyllum spruceanum (capirona). The bark of this tree has a yearly cycle of shedding and regenerating, and it is believed that this magic transfers into the healing power of the Mulateiro.

It is said that the Amazonian female warriors bathed on the night of the full moon with a preparation made from the bark of the Mulateiro tree. They did this to remain young and beautiful, and the Mulateiro came to be known among the tribes as the ‘tree of youth.’

The Huni Kuin Mulateiro blend with its light-grey, fine powder, is stronger and more intense than most other Rapés. There is an initial wave of energy which spreads through the body, and gradually leads to feelings of calm and balance. 

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Fermented Mapacho tobacco, sacred ashes of Calycophyllum spruceanum tree

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3g, 5g, 10g

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