Blue Lotus Sacred Anointing Elixir …unparalleled and uncompromising

Along the dragon lines that connect Ancient Egypt to Africa lies the pilgrimage pathway connecting the wisdom of the Ancient Mystery schools of Africa. The traditional wisdom keepers still remember how resources, medicine, skills, and wisdom were shared amongst the initiates of these ancient paths.

In bringing through this offering an important constellation wanted to manifest. Opening the communication lines of the land reflected in our beings, we follow the ancient rooted beings that continue to sustain this continent as food and as medicine. All the way down from Egypt to Southern Africa, the Cradle of Humankind where the White Lions of Africa dwell and where we come to remember our ancient roots.


How to Anoint Yourself with Oil

Anointing oneself in this manner is about consciously seeking God’s presence with your heart. It is pointless to pray and apply anointing oil if your spirit and soul are not in sync with the Divine.

1) Anoint your eye. – Where you put your attention is where you will end up. Spirit will lead you

2) Anoint your forehead. The forehead represents your thoughts. God’s ideas are higher than yours. Put on Christ’s mind.

3) Anoint your mouth. – The mouth represents the words you utter and the seeds they spread. Choose to plant seeds of life rather than seeds of death.

4) Anoint your ear. – The ear represents obedience. When your ears are opened to hear Spirit’s voice, you can obey.

5) Anoint your right thumb. The covenant is symbolized by the right hand. This is why you raise your right hand in court.

6) Anoint your toe. – The feet represent power. You have been granted power by Spirit, and your feet are prepared with the love and power.

Use anointing oil to feel God’s power and presence in your life. May you be rewarded as you bring truth from the writings of Heaven (the spiritual world) to Earth (the physical realm).



50ml Pure Blue Lotus Absolute with Jojoba, marula, baobab organic cold pressed oils

Prepared in ceremony with the intention of remembering and activating your divine Blueprint with the ancient code of Egypt in the tablets of light

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