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Turritopsin™ optimizes skin functioning and delivers bio energetic potency allowing the strongest, most youthful and healthiest version of every cell to demonstrate. This may be experienced as increased vitality, greater softness, reduced wrinkles, repair of skin tags and an overall improved sense of wellbeing since we perceive ourselves as younger than our actual biological age. Nature has provided us with a molecule which can instruct all life to regenerate itself which is in itself a miracle. By applying Turritopsin™ the life molecule to our tissues we automatically improve all systemic cellular interactions between cells exposed to Turritopsin™.



Turritopsin™ and distilled water



Simply put a dot of moisturizer onto your hand, add one squirt of Turritopsin™ mix and apply as normal. Turritopsin™ can also be spritzed directly onto the face during the day. It can be added to cuts and wounds to speed healing and onto the scalp or any areas of the body that requires regeneration.

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