Foti or He shou wu is used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine to prevent greying and stimulate hair growth by converting proteins to epithelial cells. It is the main herb for baldness and hair loss in Chinese medicine and well known for its ability to return the hair to its original colour.

Nettle root extract contains beta sitosterol which improves blood supply to the scalp by promoting the synthesis and release of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) that stimulates angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) in the scalp. It also has the effect of reducing IL-1 alpha cytokines which inhibit the growth of the hair follicle as well as inhibiting DHT the main culprit in male baldness.

This all translates into averting the onset of hair loss conditions as well as promoting the growth of new and healthy hair.

Turritopsin™ returns the cells to earlier and healthier versions of themselves which means that any hairs that are produced are stronger and more healthy since the hair follicle itself is functioning at peak capacity and health.

Turritopsin™ is known to improve local and systemic circulation and has also frequently demonstrated its ability to reverse greying by returning hair to its original colour.

The combined effect of all three of these is really amazing and works quickly for both male and female hair loss and hair health.

Turritopsin™ really accentuates the action of any herb or substance it is added to which means a more powerful synergistic effect from all the ingredients used in combination.

Finally we have something that really works for hair loss for both men and women. Most people with hair loss will tell you after trying countless products nothing really works but here is a formula that works quickly and easily, just spray it on.

The formula does not leave a sticky residue as it is in distilled water. This means you can carry on with your day without having to shampoo your head with chemicals or walk around all day with an oily scalp.

One of the effects of Tturritopsin™ is that it causes the hair to grow beyond its normal length. On researching this it turns out that we all have a certain hair length which our hair will grow to before it falls out and begins again This is normally set in our genetic code and does not change although it can be influenced negatively by disease which accounts for hair falling out after stress or disease.

This phase of growth is called the anagen phase and is considered immutable as it is the growth cycle of the follicle before it begins its end cycle and falls out. This varies between people which accounts for how some people can grow longer hair and some have shorter hair.

What we have observed is that certain people are going beyond their normal hair length which can only mean that the anagen or growth phase is being prolonged.

This would mean that our cells are generally living for longer and this would explain some of the unusual and miraculous effects we get from Turritopsin™.

We have seen this in growing vials as well as increased growth for a group of cells soaked in Turritopsin™ and we have even seen plants extend their growth cycles resulting in faster leaf and stem growth.


Immortal Hair is beneficial for a wide range of tricky and hard to treat hair loss situations including thyroid conditions, stress and menopause. It has even been found to work post chemotherapy to regrow hair. In many users Immortal Hair has demonstrated growth beyond which hair normally grows. For some reason on every person, hair has a length at which it just stops growing. We have seen hair growing longer than usual after applying Turritopsin™



Foti (He Shou Wu), Nettle Root, Turritopsin™, Distilled Water



Spray twice daily on the scalp. As it is in distilled water it does not leave a sticky residue, no need to shampoo afterwards. There are no harsh chemicals or negative effects on the body just more hair where you want it.

Immortal Hair Immortal Hair