ALFAVACA Rapé is rich in Manganese and Copper, Alfavaca is commonly confused with Basil because it belongs to the same family, but it is a totally different species. With bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, its fresh leaves prepared in the form of snuff help in nasal clearance, have anti-oxidant action and hypotensive potential.  Its “vasio dilation” effect helps a lot in general relaxation and promotes greater cognitive fluidity, excellent for meditation exercises.

This shamanic snuff aims on removing bad luck from your life and dissolving all negative energies accumulated around your aura.  This kind of Rapé also cleanses the aura around you and harmonizes the energetic field.  The indigenous people use this blend in order to remove what they call “Panema”. Behind the name hides all general negative energy, which can bring illness, uncomfortable feeling and make things unlucky in everyday life. That kind of negative energy manifests itself and begins to accumulate in the energy field around people. Fortunately, there are ways to spearate yourself from the negativeness around you – Rapé Alfavaca is one of the most successful ones.  This unique blend consists of natural compounds that work similarly to Kambo and Sananga. Recharge your aura with positive energy and empower yourself to achieve greatness in life.

Mapacho, sacred ashes of Tsunu & Alfalfa leaves

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3g, 5g, 10g

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