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The Nukini Trevo Cumaru Rapé, a strong blend inspired by the Amazon’s rich botanical gifts, is beautifully made by the Nukini tribe. It begins with artisanal string tobacco and smoothly combines Tsunu ashes, which are frequently regarded as the cornerstone ingredient in Rapé blends. The most notable inclusion is Cumaru Trevo (Justicia pectoralis), also known locally as Chambá or “Bolek-Bena,” which translates to “Angel of Death”. This plant is used by tribes for its anxiolytic qualities. This Amazonian herb has a distinct vanilla-like smell and is traditionally associated with respiratory health.

This outstanding combination, named after the notable Cumaru Trevo plant, offers more than just aromatic richness. It aims to induce deep breathing with its unique formulation, potentially aiding overall respiratory wellbeing. The knowledge of the Nukini tribe shines through in this beautiful blend of nature’s finest ingredients.

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Rapé Cumaru Trevo Nukini Cumaru Trevo
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