Menopause trial.

This trial is to measure the efficacy of the menopause remedy in treating the various symptoms of menopause.  If everyone in the trial could first write down their baseline on the group in order  that we  are able to see improvements in hot flushes, foggy brain, dryness, sleeplessness etc.

We realize that there are a wide variety of symptoms to track which is why we would like everyone to tell us what symptoms they have and to what severity so that any improvements can be easily noted.

The menopause remedy trial will go on for a month or maybe two and we would like everyone to take 5 drops under the tongue in the morning and then observe how this affects their symptoms over the day and over time.  Everyone needs to tap the bottle hard 5 times on the hand before each dose.

The effects of this remedy from initial trials have been exciting as it is able to regenerate jing, a substance from Chinese medicine which is described as being what keeps us young, and what is responsible, when diminished, for a lot of the symptoms of menopause.

There are various substances in the remedy but the main one is Turritopsin the life molecule inspired by the mechanism of the immortal jellyfish but completely vegan which stimulates ones regenerative pathways and returns one to a more youthful version of oneself.

The remedy also includes Muira Puama which is an Amazonian adaptogen which helps to rebalance the nervous system and boost the life force as well as two different highly refined versions of gold which are able to strengthen the body by enhancing smoothness of function and allow transition to new and smoother ways of operating.

We have also included Schizandra which is a Chinese adaptogen which is able to balance all the elements in the body which means that everything just runs better.

The combination of these four ingredients is able to strengthen and harmonize the body and to allow the adrenal glands to take up the functions of the ovaries which is what happens over time in menopause anyway but can take 10 or more years to transition in worst case scenarios.

What we are doing here is to facilitate this natural transition, while strengthening the adrenals so that they are able to take up the function more rapidly than would normally be the case.

How well this remedy works on the different phases of menopause is really the subject of this trial but initial findings have been that those newer to menopause might get more dramatic improvement in results, at least initially.

This remedy is completely safe and is not contraindicated with other menopausal supplements.

It may bring about changes for the better in the body and this process is what we are looking to map in the trial.

The more information about any changes in symptoms is better here as we believe that this remedy will also strongly improve emotional states as a large portion of this remedy is devoted to harmonizing forces in the body and a more harmonious system quite simply just works better.

The trial will continue for a month after which we might continue with another bottle, but those that took part will be eligible for a lifetime discount for any future bottles of this remedy as a thank you for helping us understand this new exciting technology.

This remedy represents not only a safe way out of menopause but also an improvement in one’s overall mental and emotional state by harmonizing the internal forces which govern our health, moods and mental state.




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Menopause Remedy for trial