Are you searching for a versatile and effective solution to enhance your daily routine? Consider Florida Water as an option. This 221 mL bottle of Agua de Florida offers a variety of uses, including mood enhancement and support for spiritual practices.

To make the most of your Florida Water, we suggest using it with intention. Apply a few drops to your wrists or hands, and gently rub them together. You can also inhale the scent or apply it externally, such as on your heart or upper head. For an added boost, try adding a few drops to your bathwater or use it as a mist by transferring it to a spray bottle for application on your body or in your living space.

Moreover, Florida Water can serve as a valuable tool for enhancing rituals. Placing it in a small bowl on your altar or nightstand can offer dream protection and aid in dream recall. When you need to cleanse your space, dilute a few sprays or drops of Florida Water with water and use it on your cleaning cloth or apply it to items like crystals or a yoga mat.

Caution of use:

Crafted from natural ingredients and alcohol, t is important to note that ingestion should be avoided, and if it comes into contact with your eyes, rinse them immediately. Florida Water has the potential to cause serious eye damage and skin irritation, and it can be harmful if swallowed, leading to fatal consequences if it enters the airways. Additionally, it can trigger allergic skin reactions. It is also highly toxic to aquatic life, with long-lasting effects.


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