Blue Lotus has been used for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac, hypnotic, sedative, and spiritual tool. Blue Lotus is a solution to our over-stimulated and stressful world, as it soothes the nervous system. It embodies relaxation and acts to disrupt the habitual ‘fight or flight’ response to stress. Its soothing effect allows you to be fully present and calm and therefore make better decisions in line with your core values. It can also be used as a supportive tool for meditation and may help provide a more peaceful sleep.

Blue Lotus balances the nervous system, providing a gentler channel for other healing processes to occur more rapidly. It soothes anxiety and depression, helps to process emotional debris and strengthens the cell’s ability to adapt to new information.

Egyptian Blue Lotus extracts have been used as a tonic (like Ginseng), a pain reliever (like Arnica), a circulation stimulant and a sexual stimulant.  The main effects of Blue Lotus (or Blue Lily), are a pleasant feeling of warmth around the head, a comfortable dreamy feeling and a slight stimulant effect.

This alchemical preparation of Blue Lotus does not change anything in our state of mind, it simply relaxes the body and the nervous system, and in so doing everything else around us flows more smoothly.

Directions for use:

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