For centuries, natural medicines have been used to treat various symptoms in a gentle and holistic way. Nature’s Pharmatropia offers treatment for a wide range of ailments, both mental and physical. In recent years, natural medicines have steadily moved into the mainstream as people look for more gentle and safer alternatives to pharmaceuticals. 

Anxiety, depression and mental fog affect a large percentage of the global population. Psychiatric medication, including antidepressants and mood stabilisers, come with a long list of negative side effects and repeated doctor visits and can often aggravate symptoms. For example, if you stop taking them you may feel worse.

Natural medicines, on the other hand, are non-addictive and have few negative side-effects compared to their pharmaceutical alternatives. Working holistically with the body, natural medicines act as a natural defence mechanism, with an array of beneficial compounds that support the body.

We live in synergy with nature

Plants are still as important as ever when it comes to ailments and remedies. We need to understand the environment in which medicinal plants thrive, as this is the only way to grasp a true understanding of how they can help our bodies. This is plant medicine, at its core; helping humans to adapt to the patterns of nature that these plants have mastered.

Natural medicines are multifaceted and able to support our bodies as a whole, rather than isolating one symptom and shutting it down. Most of these plant-based remedies offer a wide range of healing properties. On an esoteric level, when we take natural medicine, we also take in the consciousness of the plant or animal from which the remedy was derived.

Unlike pharmaceuticals which are processed in a lab, natural medicines allow us to connect with the energy of nature as people have done for thousands of years before us. Pharmaceutical medicines may be effective but they can also have negative side effects that are worse than the ailments they treat. In the long run, natural medicines offer viable alternatives without the severe side effects.

Treating stress and anxiety with natural medicines

In the last decade, sceletium has become more widely recognised as a natural mood enhancer. Growing naturally in South Africa, this plant has been used by Bushman communities for hundreds of years and can now be found in any large supermarket in tea form.

While subtle effects of sceletium tea can be beneficial, for people looking to treat stress and anxiety it’s worth considering a more refined form of sceletium as natural medicine. In these preparations, sceletium is fermented to maximise its potency, as traditionally done. 

Studies into the effect of sceletium have found that it works on the brain to reduce the anxious response, particularly a hyper sensitivity to mild threats. These studies show the potential of sceletium in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Sceletium also boosts serotonin, reduces obsessive and compulsive thinking and enhances social interaction. Natural medicines prepared from this plant are increasingly being used to treat psychological and psychiatric disorders due to its stress relieving and calming properties. Sceletium is not psychoactive – it doesn’t induce visual hallucinations, and doesn’t affect motor function, making it suitable for everyday use.

Compared to other products on the market, Nature’s Pharmatropia Sceletium comes in 500mg tablets, created to provide the perfect dose to experience the maximum benefit this wonder plant medicine has to offer.

Nature medicines for the brain

Do you suffer from brain fog or memory problems? Or maybe something more severe like brain trauma after a stroke or accident? Nature’s Pharmatropia Neuro Repair Formula contains carefully selected ingredients that can assist with neuro regeneration, including sufferers of Alzheimer’s. Neuro Repair Formula may increase cognitive functioning, eliminate brain fog and repair neural pathways.

Synaptolepis Kirkii is a key ingredient in this natural medicine for the brain – an African plant that has long been used to improve brain function. Synaptolepis Kirkii contains kirkinine, a powerful neurotrophic alkaloid that can repair and regrow nerve cells. Neurotrophins are proteins that support neuron development and brain function, making it effective in the treatment of anxiety and even more extreme conditions, such as brain damage from strokes or accidents.

Also known as African Dream Root, this plant has antioxidant properties and reduces inflammation. Nature’s Pharmatropia Neuro Repair Formula also contains Lion’s Mane, which serves to amplify the effects of Synaptolepis Kirkii. Studies into the effect of Lion’s Mane have found it to have cognitive benefits with no adverse health effects. Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s showed improved functional independence

Natural medicine to improve mood swings and hormone imbalances

Research into psychiatry drugs for anxiety and mood swings have identified a number of negative side-effects, including feeling emotionally numb, sexual problems and weight gain. Around 45% of users have become addicted and spend the rest of their lives on some form of antidepressant or mood stabiliser. 

Similarly for hormone related mood swings, pharmaceuticals have their limitations, leaving many to look for a more natural substitute. Nature’s Pharmatropia Hormone Harmony contains locally sourced ingredients, including Dassiepis (Hyraceum), that have been traditionally used to support conception, pregnancy and childbirth. The active ingredients in Hyraceum have been found to bring hormones back into balance by acting on the endocrine system and it has a long history of being used by indigenous tribes in South Africa .

Medicinal properties of plants

South Africa has a long history of using plants for their medicinal properties. Nature’s Pharmatopia has garnered this knowledge, consulting traditional healers while also drawing on scientific studies that show the effectiveness of these natural ingredients to heal the mind and body.

With natural medicines, we are able to treat both mental and physical ailments, often with better long-term results than with pharmaceuticals. It’s important not to expect natural medicines to be a quick-fix solution: sustained use over a period of a few months yields the most effective results.

For sufferers of anxiety, depression or mood swings, it is important to consider the root cause of the problem to know which natural medicine will be the most effective. Always consult with your preferred healthcare practitioner before taking these remedies. For more information about our natural products, please contact us directly so that we are better able to consult with you to find the suitable treatment.


Nature’s Pharmatropia is dedicated to the re-introduction and remembrance of natural medicines carried by ancient healing traditions from around the world. Recent research suggests there are more than 35 000 species of plants being used every day in phytomedicines across the world.

Some of these plant allies form the foundation of the product offerings available through our online store. We also stock a range of expertly crafted potentised homeopathic remedies which are at the forefront of vibrational medicine.

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