Unique Sananga Rapé

This Next Level Exclusive Sananga Rapé combination induces meditative and relaxed moods, putting one in touch with the Great Mystery and the might of the Queen of the Waters. Because of the potency of this combination's energy, it may reintegrate the whole person.

Our Sananga snuff is one-of-a-kind and very uncommon, and it has properties that can't be found anywhere else. Kundalini, the energy of the Golden Serpent, is the source of this rapé's special power. Touching the sinus, third eye, and crown energy centers with a rush of warm heat and light, and entering them immediately. Bringing the root chakra into balance, crystalline energy spirals down into the heart, solar plexus, and base of the spine. This potent Sananga Rape effortlessly eliminates and destroys barriers, leaving you with crystalline energy from crown to base. This allows you to better access the energy of the Golden Serpent Kundalini.

This kind of rapé is excellent for self-healing and aiding people in need since it releases pent-up, life-force energy stored in the hands' chakras as a form of healing heat. This mix, which includes aci huni kuin traditional herbs, clears our brains and strengthens our senses and intuition, awakens the higher chakras, and provides strength, relaxation, and spiritual well-being, in addition to the benefits of the individual herbs. The herbs are gathered by hand, without the use of machinery or chemicals. The majority of the materials are added to the mixture of mapacho and tsunu or samauma ash after being dried and ground into a powder.

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Mapacho, sacred ashes of tsunu, samuma and sananga

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3g, 5g, 10g