The murici tree, or Byrsonima crassifolia, is a widespread species found in forests. Forest creatures love the fruit the tree provides. In many regions, humans also harvest the fruits for use in candies and other culinary delights, so it’s not only the animals who benefit. It may reach a height of about 10 meters and is classified as a tree shrub. Nance, maricao cimun, craboo, and golden spoon are among of the more common English-language names for this medicine.

Murici Rapé, as practiced by the Huni Kuin, is said to have restorative properties and maintain a vibrant spiritual life. Two of the most fundamental reasons why forest dwellers puff on Hapé Sacred Snuff are these. So that they may be fortified for their regular activities, protected from illness, and kept spiritually alert.  Invoking feelings of contentment and harmony with one’s environment, this chakra energy is associated with the neck and the heart.

Because of its high vitamin C concentration, this Rapé is useful for treating throat and mouth infections. When it comes to snuff, this is the most therapeutic variety we provide. Mapacho and Murici ash are used in this mixture. Snakebites, inflammation, skin diseases, and coughing are just some of the ailments that this holy tree is said to be able to treat. As a kind of traditional medicine, it is used to release stagnant energy at the lower chakras.  It’s also good for social connection and relating to others.

The Huni Kuin, also known as the Kaxinawá, are an indigenous tribe residing in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. They have a rich cultural heritage deeply intertwined with their environment and spiritual beliefs. The Huni Kuin are renowned for their traditional practices, including the preparation of Hapeh, a sacred medicinal snuff made from a blend of tobacco and other plants. This potent mixture is used in rituals for healing, spiritual connection, and purification. The Huni Kuin’s knowledge of plants and their holistic approach to health have garnered global interest and recognition. By supporting products prepared with the guidance and wisdom of the Huni Kuin tribe, customers not only gain access to unique cultural treasures but also contribute to the preservation of indigenous traditions and sustainable practices in the Amazon Rainforest.

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Mapacho and Murici ash

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