Caneleiro Rapé is made by the Kuntanawa tribe of the Huni Kuin (Huni Kuin are the indigenous people of Brazil & Peru), whose preparations tend to have a higher ash content making it one of the stronger blends. It is often used for its grounding properties. It is particularly suitable for situations when you feel your energy is too externally focused, and you have a need to ground your energy, listen to your body and return to centeredness within yourself. If you’re ready to expand in any area of your life, this is the best blend for you. It is ideal for aligning the body and chakras in complete balance. Caneleiro Rapé has a strong healing effect, focusing on the third chakra and the element of fire.  

The Caneleiro plant is often used  for arthritis, joints and pain, healing powers which are also present in the Rapé. 


3G , 5G , 10G


Fermented Mapacho tobacco, sacred ashes of Cenostigma Macrophyllum tree


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3g, 5g, 10g


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