The Shanenawa Caneleiro Rapé is handcrafted with dedication by the small Shanenawa tribe of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, and represents the tribe’s rich traditions and strong connection to nature. The name “Shanenawa” is a tribute to their identity: “Shane” means “bird” and “Nawa” means “people.” These keepers of ancient traditions have just recently begun to share their precious medicines with the rest of the world, revealing a beautiful blend meant for energetic rebalancing, balance, and harmony.

Infused with the essence of Caneleiro, a plant traditionally prepared as a brew to relieve joint problems, this Rapé carries the essence of the plants healing properties, providing relief to individuals suffering from arthritis and other joint disorders. More than just a treatment, the blend acts as a holistic conduit to ground and purify the person. It efficiently navigates and eliminates energetic baggage, muscle tension, and blockages, casting a tranquil wave of peace and stillness. This intimate link promotes synchronization across one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, ensuring comprehensive alignment.

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3g, 5g, 10g

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