This Palo Santo tree has a strong spirit and plenty of good energy to share. The concentration of essential oils that give its wood an irresistible aroma and remarkable healing properties do not develop until after the tree fell on its own accord and it is given ample time to rest peacefully on the forest floor.

The wood of the saints;
When Spanish monks discovered the wood and experienced its ability to cleanse and heal, they named the tree “Palo Santo,” which means “holy wood” or “the wood of the saints.” The scientific name of this tree that grows in the South American rainforest is Bursera Graveolens, or “a bag of oil” and the naturally aromatic wood from this truly unique tree is used in several ways for energetic and healing purposes. Its primary use is to burn small Palo Santo sticks as incense.

While some smudging herbs are used solely to cleanse a space from negative energy and others are then used to attract positive energy afterward, Palo Santo is rare in that it does both at the same time.

Palo Santo Palo Santo Smudging Stick x 1