As a symbol, Rapé Nukini Jaguar embodies all the ferocity, speed, and grace of the real jaguar. Power, intelligence, dexterity, experience, and many more besides. The indigenous inhabitants of South America are responsible for this one-of-a-kind Rapé mix. A specially formulated combination that enhances typical masculine characteristics has been devised and hand-crafted by their expertise.

The mastermind of the Rapé Nukini Jaguar has been scouring the Amazon for its most powerful components while he works on this remarkable concoction. Thus, we have obtained a potent concoction of natural flora and the ashes of holy trees from the Amazon. The product they were given has robust and distinct qualities that help men in their everyday problems.

Rapé Nukini Jaguar was born into the indigenous group known as the Jaguar People. People who live in the Amazon find many things about this wild animal interesting. In an effort to adopt its mannerisms, they use Rapé to go more deeply into meditation. When additional focus and energy are required, this robust combination is ideal for all men's demands.



Nukini tribe

The Nukini are an indigenous people of Brazil who speak a language related to the Pano family. More than 750 people belong to the Nukini tribe. As more people are enslaved or murdered by tribe members, the latex business suffers severe fatalities among its members. Almost all of the original peoples have vanished, taking their languages and cultures with them. Despite this, the Nukini people have persisted and even intermarried with members of other cultures. They have reconstructed a sturdy social and economic system that allows them to live in harmony with the environment around them. In contrast to the Amazon's large strains, the Nukini rank members of other strains based on their level of plant knowledge and hold them responsible for gathering and combining the herb closer to the rapé.

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Mapacho, sacred ashes of Capirona tree

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