Mapacho leaves 25 grams

May assist with:

  • Energy Clearing
  • Ceremony
  • Help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Burning during prayer
  • Smudging / Space Clearing
  • Focus, clarity and balance
  • Meditation and grounding


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2 x Palo Santo Smudging Sticks

May assist with:

  • Energy Clearing
  • Crystal Clearing
  • Help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Natural home fragrance
  • Smudging / Space Clearing
  • Focus, clarity and creativity
  • Meditation and grounding

We are delighted to offer you Mapacho, one of South America's most holy plants. You are invited to experience its power!

Mapacho is a common name for a certain species of tobbaco plant, Nicotiana Rustica. Natives consider it a holy herb and one of the finest teacher plants. Mapacho is regarded as the primary healer and ceremonial guide across South America. It is often used at the beginning and during numerous ceremonies. Mapacho has been cultivated for 8000 years and was one of the earliest cultivated plants in its birthplace in the Andes highlands in South America, before Europeans spread it all over the globe.


Mapacho is cultivated in a traditional manner by specialized master shamans known as "tabaqueros." There are many dos and don'ts in the process of cultivating the plant since it is regarded holy. Mapacho seeds are placed in appropriate soil while the shaman looks after them as if they were his children. He is taking insects off of plant leaves by hand, chatting and singing to them. The gathered leaves are rolled into a thick roll. It is wrapped in an organic rope and hung over a fire to grow.


Mapacho is a medicinal plant with a wide range of applications. It provides us with clean and pure male energy. It opens channels for healing and energy flow. It quickly grounds and harmonizes. Mapacho cleanses, restores the equilibrium between our feminine and masculine sides, and strengthens our connection to the center, the Heart, and the "I am" awareness. Mapacho allows us to connect with Gaia and her components more deeply. This plant is also recognized for its capacity to cleanse heavy and dense energy from the energetic field, especially negative, cyclical thinking processes. Mapacho aids in the restoration of body, soul, and mind balance and clarity.

Use of Mapacho

Mapacho is a variety of tobacco that is often utilized in ancient Amazonian shamanic activities. It is often smoked in a pipe or rolled into cigars, and it is frequently used in rituals to connect with the spiritual world and allow contact with spirits. It is also occasionally utilized for its medical characteristics, since it is said to have healing powers when administered correctly. Mapacho smoke is often used in purification ceremonies to purify individuals, items, or places of harmful energy.


Directions for use:
  • Burn during ceremony as a burning herb
  • Add to make sacred fire
  • As an offering to Gaia
  • Burn during prayer
  • Use to make your own Rapé or add to an existing blend

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