Jatoba is ethically and sustainably sourced from the Kuntanawa tribe. It is a blend of organic Mapacho and bark ashes from the Jatoba tree. Since ancient times, Jatoba has been used in natural remedies for coughs, viruses and bacteria. One study performed at the University of Brasilia found that the phytochemicals in Jatoba may help reduce swelling and inflammation. Jatoba balances the heart chakra and provides mental and spiritual strength. This blend is best for people who are focused on healing.

Jatoba Rapé is traditional from Brazilian middle east tribes, it is a very special Tree for the Guarani – Kayowa natives. Jatoba is a tree that is present in all parts Brazil, but it is not used by the northern tribes for they have not been traditionally attached to it.

All of our Rapé’s are ethically sourced from indigenous people and intentionally produced with the wisdom, intentions, and prayers of their humble shamans that want to continue living in harmony with our Mother Earth.

The Kuntanawa tribe, indigenous to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, holds a unique cultural identity and spiritual heritage. With a population smaller than some neighboring tribes, the Kuntanawa people are recognized for their deep connection to the natural world and their rich traditions. Among their cultural practices is the crafting of sacred medicines and plant-based remedies, reflecting their profound understanding of the forest’s medicinal bounty. Additionally, the Kuntanawa are esteemed for their intricate artisanal skills, producing exquisite handicrafts adorned with traditional motifs and symbols that tell stories of their ancestry and connection to the land. Despite facing challenges such as encroachment on their territories and loss of traditional knowledge, the Kuntanawa persist in preserving their cultural heritage and fostering sustainable livelihoods in harmony with their environment.

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