Blue Lotus 10 ml Roller blended with fractionated coconut oil

This is an ancient Egyptian depiction of the Blue Lotus. It’s priceless and difficult to come by. In ancient Egypt, the Sacred Blue Lotus stood for everything from the cosmos to sexuality and fertility. The lotus, especially the blue one, has mystical and religious connotations. It was used to lessen discomfort, boost memory, heighten sexual desire, and induce bliss. To be healthy, have amazing sex, and be reborn, this was the fundamental key. This Blue Lotus has a really heavenly and intricate aroma. The aroma of most commercially available Blue Lotus oils has been entirely concocted based on consumers’ expectations. Authenticity assured; here we have the actual thing. Here, you may purchase a bottle of our holy oil that has already been consecrated for use.

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulia)  This is a 30% dilution procured in fractionated coconut oil. Offered in a 10 ml glass roll top bottle.


Directions for use:

  • Use the roller to apply a small amount of the oil straight to the body
    to promote focus and relaxation.
  • Add to an oil diffuser for an incredible fragrance.
  • Placing a drop on your hand, rubbing them together and inhaling for
    a fragrant immersion.
  • Add to face cream and/or moisturizer.

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Blue Lotus 10 ml Roller blende...